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For any adventure — from alpine expedition to a weekend trek — Jetboil offers a stove that will keep you fuelled. When exploring the back country, a compact and efficient stove is fundamental, no matter the level of cuisine you want to create. We’re obsessed with engineering a back country stove that pushes you further. So, whether you’ve spent years on the trail or are gearing up for your first adventure, we’ll be your guide to finding the Jetboil stove that completes your journey.

How do you plan on using your stove?

How do you plan on using your stove?

In this guide, we break down our range into two sectors. Fast Boil and Precision Cooking.

Fast Boil has unregulated temperature, but gives efficient boiling times. These are great for quick water boiling for when your brew can't wait.

Precision Cooking systems do exactly what they say, provide precision cooking. However, there are still choices to be made depending on exactly what kind of cooking you want to do.

In this guide, we will help you make the best decision for your Jetboil needs.

Product Comparison

Compare the specifications

Here is an overview of our range. If your looking for a specific weight or volume, we hope that this helps influence you to make the right decision.


Fast boil systems

Boil Only - Gas Feed

Simple and reliable, our unregulated systems harness every ounce of our FluxRing technology, providing maximum efficiency and rapid boiling for 3-season performance. The quick boil times these compact stoves offer make them the ultimate personal cooking systems for dehydrated meals, coffee, and tea.


Best for boiling water for dehydrated meals, coffee and tea

Name: Flash

Boil Time: 100sec per .5 litre (16 oz)

Seasons: 3

Run-Down: Blistering boil times come standard on our industry-leading Flash. By modelling the combustion and selecting materials to optimise efficiency, we were able to create the fastest Jetboil ever - cutting a full minute off our best boil time.

Simmer: No

Weight: 13.1 oz

Shop the Flash here.


Best for no frills cooking - stowable, efficient, and ultra affordable

Name: Zip

Boil Time: 2m 30sec per .5 litre (16 oz)

Seasons: 3

Run-Down: A tried-and-true classic, the Zip was born from our original PCS design and offers a reliable, no-frills option for backpackers. Lightweight and compact, this stove focuses on the back country boiling essentials. No more, and no less.

Simmer: No

Weight: 12 oz

Shop the Zip here.


precision Cooking systems

Cook & Boil - Gas & Liquid Feed

No need for fancy restaurants, Jetboil has gourmet on-the-go down. Our regulated systems feature best-in-class simmer control for unmatched versatility and expanded cold-weather capabilities in the back country.


Best for versatile trail cooking, with minimal weight and pack size

Name: MightyMo

Boil Time: 3m 15sec per 1 litre (32 oz)

Seasons: 4

Run-Down: Pack it up, pack it in. This ridiculously versatile and compact stove weighs in at a meagre 3.3 oz. But lucky for you, it still packs enough punch to quickly reach a rolling boil, and the four-turn regulator valve gives it a soft enough touch for sautéing greens or simmering sauces.

Simmer: Yes

Weight: 3.3 oz

Shop the MightyMo here.


Best for fully contained personal cooking without extra weight

Name: MicroMo

Boil Time: 2m 15sec per .5 litre (16 oz)

Seasons: 4

Run-Down: Our lightest self-contained cooking system doesn’t compromise performance or versatility. It might be light and stowable in your pack, but this stove can do big things with our proprietary regulator technology. Boil fast. Simmer slow. It’s up to you.

Simmer: Yes

Weight: 12 oz

Shop the MicroMo here.


Best for individual cooking and convenient eating

Name: MiniMo

Boil Time: 2m 15sec per .5 litre (16 oz)

Seasons: 4

Run-Down: Built with just you in mind, the MiniMo combines our tried-and-true efficiency and versatility with a convenient form factor. The metal handles and redesigned cooking cup - optimised for a low spoon angle - make it the perfect vessel for personal cooking and eating.

Simmer: Yes

Weight: 14.6 oz

Shop the MiniMo here.