Outfitting your back country kitchen

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Find the perfect stove for your journey

A Jetboil stove isn’t just one of the most dependable backpacking stoves on the market, it might be one of the most dependable stoves you will ever own, period. Whether your main goal is to simply “fuel up” or you’re challenging yourself to create gourmet dishes on the go, there’s no better option in the back country. All Jetboil stoves optimise speed and control to create cooking systems that are crafted to fuel any adventure. It’s what makes Jetboil the best backpacking stoves around. Through this guide, we’ll highlight different considerations and features so you have a stove that is equipped for wherever adventure takes you.

What's on the menu?

Fast Boil or Precision Cook.

Our backpacking stoves fit into two categories, Fast Boil or Precision Cooking. The defining difference being the capability to cook versus only boiling water. Fast Boil: Through our FluxRing technology, these camp stoves provide maximum efficiency and consistent, fast boil times. They’re perfect if you plan to keep pack weight at a minimum, and to prepare dehydrated packaged meals, coffee, soups, or boil water. Precision Cooking: Looking to make a meal that really sticks to the bones? Our precision cooking systems have the versatility to prepare full gourmet meals while on the trail. Our simmer control allows for incremental adjustment of fuel flow with a consistent heat output. Get anywhere from a light simmer to a rolling boil, and produce a full menu of options everywhere. Even better, we’ve included the pot support with all precision cooking systems to extend the powerful Jetboil cooking potential to your favourite camping cookware.
What keeps it burning?

What keeps it burning?

Fuel Type & Weather

What we use: Jetboil backpacking stoves run on an isobutane/propane fuel mixture. Our JetPower® Fuel is formulated for maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, making them easy to use while remaining compact. Depending on the Jetboil stove, the JetPower canisters can be used in liquid or gas mode. Gas feed is easy to use. But, since liquid fuel tends to be more reliable in extreme conditions, it’s recommended for mountaineering and alpine adventures.

Alternative Fuel Stoves: Traditional liquid fuel stoves are heavier, and they also require greater maintenance during their life. While other fuel types, such as wood burning, alcohol, and solid fuel, can be great for ultralight backpacking, they lack flexibility. Additionally, they tend to be more impacted by the elements — like weather or fuel scarcity.
Pack-light or Pack Rat?

Pack-light or Pack Rat?


Whether you’re planning an ultralight expedition or a few days in the back country, what you’re carrying is always a concern. With our robust product line, you can balance features as you count ounces. Jetboil stoves are engineered to be an integrated system, while being as light as possible to maximise weight and space in your pack. So, even if you opt for a more full-featured stove, you’ll never feel weighed down.
You or everyone you know?

You or Everyone You Know?

Group Size

When in the back country, time and energy are as valuable a resource as food or water. So, we recognise that knowing the quantities you’ll need to cook is essential. After all, you’ve got to keep everyone fuelled for what’s ahead. With Jetboil, you’ll find backpacking stoves that are ideal for 1 or big enough to feed the whole group. And, if you’re looking to cook larger quantities, our pot support accessory will make sure no one waits long for their favourite meal.